~As children we grow up internalizing negative beliefs about ourselves that represent what we have been told by others, or what we have come to believe in order to accommodate to the environment in which we live. As adults these beliefs and limiting attitudes may now keep us from having the intimacy with ourselves and others, the strength, power, self-esteem, competency, physical health, creativity and expression which we would wish for ourselves.

If we have experienced trauma, such as physical or emotional or sexual abuse as children, these negative self beliefs may be intense and may severely limited our life now. As well they have left a legacy of physical and neurological patterns. The traumatic experiences have not been processed and are “frozen energy” in the central nervous system. That energy can manifest as irritability, lack of concentration, flashbacks, emotional numbness or emotional outbursts.

My counselling provides a safe and respectful environment within which to process the experiences that have limited you. My work is grounded in the understanding of the importance of the therapeutic relationship and a commitment to my own self-awareness and presence with clients. My approach helps people understand and integrate their experience at a body and feeling level as well as at a cognitive level.

~Types of Client Issues

  • Family of origin issues
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Grief, loss
  • Stress, chronic illness, chronic pain
  • Single traumas – accidents, assaults
  • Multiple Traumas and Dissociation
  • Gender identity and sexual orientation issues
  • Relationship problems
  • Creative process and blocks to creativity
  • Performance enhancement for artists, managers, and athletes

Services For

  • Individuals – both short term and in-depth work
  • Lesbian / gay and heterosexual couples
  • Supervision of other counsellors
  • Consultation and teaching
  • Fees: $100/hour includes GST

I have been in private practice as a counsellor and psychotherapist since 1986 and have previous experience in counselling agencies.

I bring intelligence, sensitivity and compassion to my work with people combining Western and Eastern psychological approaches. I integrate Western understandings of human development, family systems and the effects of trauma and dissociation with Eastern understanding of the nature of mind. I make use of parts work, visualization, art and trauma resolution, according to the client’s needs.

I have done training in bodynamics, psychodynamic therapy, somatic experiencing (trauma training), dissociation issues, art therapy, and am fully trained in the use of EMDR. I have taught at the Justice Institute of BC in the traumatic stress program, have taught meditation at Hollyhock and have supervised other counsellors.

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